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Living in harmony with the environment means first of all taking care of it.

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Ecofriendly approach

   Both nature-lovers, Marine and Marion have their hearts set on preserving the environment that surrounds them and makes it possible for them to practice their passion. Accordingly, practicing yoga, running, or even meditating in the forest is meeting an ecosystem that is both extraordinary and vital to the Earth’s atmosphere. To surf is to become aware of the essential role that the ocean plays as a major global reserve of biodiversity; it is also the “lung of the planet”; and a stabilizing force of the Earth’s climate. To practice outdoor activities is to be aware that we belong to this Great Whole. Unfortunately, today, to practice outdoor sports is also to notice the damage done to the environment.

   Because we want to preserve this nature that allows us to live and to be, Mamaz has adopted an eco-friendly approach, on its own scale.

   First, we have chosen an ecological holiday accommodation: camping. Indeed, thanks to a lowered  water and electricity use, a decrease in food waste, a limitation and sorting of waste, … camping is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel.

   Joining Mamaz also means using some pieces of furniture made of pallets that we have collected on supermarket parkings, or scraps of wood salvaged from local construction sites.

   We have also decided to implement, in our daily practice, “a surf session = a piece of rubbish” / “a walk = a piece of rubbish” … or even more

   Finally, in France and abroad, Mamaz works with local companies and cooperatives.

   Being part of the Mamaz adventure is therefore going on holidays, having fun and enjoying oneself while protecting Mother Nature.

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