Ia Ora na !

We have been working and traveling together for several years: Mamaz was born out of this desire to share with you our passions, travels, and our quirky way to envision life and to make it amazing. So come with us spend a few weeks or a week-end to surf and tame the waves, practice yoga – but without the sore muscles! – meditate and get in touch with your inner self. Come spend some time full of laughter and, we hope, deep conversations. To ensure your safety and your peace of mind during our stays, we both have our first aid certificate (PSE2).



What she loves:

Surfing – as you may have guessed, challenge, sports, surpassing herself, sharing, your smiles, helping you reach your goals, travelling, adventure, reading and waffles with chocolate spread.

Marion in a few words:

an Aquarius, Cancer rising, passionate, determined, patiente, adventurous, adaptable, smiley, humble, attentive, honest, unifying, altruistic, and a food lover.

Her favorite quotations are:

“Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful one of your life” Mark Twain

“Be yourself, everyone is already taken” Oscar Wilde

  • She comes from Polynesia and fell in love with surfing at the age of 3; since then, she has been traveling the world to discover new posts and unexplored waves.
  • She likes to pass on her passion and has decided to turn it into her job by obtaining the BPJEPS (Youth, Education and Sport Certificate) to teach surfing to people from every and any level, in France or abroad.
  • She has been participated to international competitions since she was 8 years old. She started her high-level athletic career when she was 12, when she participated to the Junior World Championship. She finished 9th in 2016, and then ranked 8th in the European professional championship in 2018.
  • She is also passionate about judo, a sport in which she has won, just like for surfing, several titles in Polynesia.
  • Alongside her surfing career, she is a STAPS student (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities), following a double curriculum: Sports Training, and Education and Motor Function. After graduating from her Master in Motor Function and Social Inclusion, she specialized in a university degree, Sport Psychology / Mental Preparation and Performance Optimization.
  • In 2019, she trained and accompanied the Tahitian Junior team to the world championships, and has since expanded her experience, working with various people from differents levels (private lessons, collective classes, prison, schools, competitors).
Marine Mamaz


What she loves:

Sports, the ocean, nature, sharing, traveling, discovering new things, dreams, laughters, meditating and passion fruit icecream.

Marine in a few words:

A fish, Capricorn rising, an adventurer, persistent, bold, organized, lovable, understanding, always in a good mood, benebolent, generous et barely sensitive.

Her favorite quotations are:

« The essential is continuously threatened by the insignificant » René Char

«They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it » Mark Twain

  • Always in the outdoors, and a daydreamer, Marine lives frugally, according to her values.

  • Alongside her university education, Marine has been a dancer for 23 years. She likes to discover new sports activities: she has also practiced handball, swimming, running and horseback riding when she was younger.

  • After teaching dancing, she has now turned her focus towards activities relating to body language such as yoga and well-being activities.

  • She has a degree in Philosophie and Literature and has taught both subjects.

  • She has then chosen another setting to continue her passion for transmitting and sharing, becoming a coordinator in surfcamps, and a trainer for educational teams.

  • She has also a Master’s degree in Art History and Film Anthropology, as well as a university degree in Audiovisual Media (Documentary and Reporting). She has covered sports events, especially rallies in the desert.

  • It’s mostly after striking experiences while traveling that she turned to a new life philosophy that she now wants to share, with personal development techniques and tools.

  • To go further, she has trained in psychotherapy and astrology.

  • Today, she uses her various experiences and skills to organize surf camps, and to share her human and sports values.

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